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User defined assessments

Customers should not have to buy new software every time they want to enhance their system. Our User Defined Assessments allow clients to enhance and improve their systems as their needs change and evolve, with this highly effective and easy-to-use toolkit.

User Defined Assessments give in-house teams the ability to extend the functionality of MAXIMS Clinical, and our other products. They can create screens, define data sets and build their own assessments, which can be scoring, non-scoring or even graphical assessments. This can be enormously valuable for everything from capturing clinical outcomes, patient assessments, treatment planning and SOAP noting to discharge planning and setting up equipment records.

User Defined Assessments make it possible to adapt to specialist needs and changing work practices. The module provides the necessary tools and elements to present, request and record information in the way that best suits users. There is a library of basic and adaptable screens to choose from. Text and graphics can be included. Screens can be developed to allow users to provide information in a variety of ways including typing in answers to questions, choosing from pre-determined options, or even making drawings on screen.

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