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On December 24, 2014

As we close in on 2014 our CEO, Shane Tickell, drew up some predictions on what, according to him, will shape the 2015 healthcare technology industry.

“In 2015 we will see the vision for transparency, open data and the move towards delivering safe and integrated care take shape. The focus on developing a sustainable healthcare system will drive new ways of working for CIOs and IT directors to sweat their technology assets. 

Popularity of sharing and promoting best practice amongst communities will grow through new energised methods of collaboration between clinicians, developers and patient advocates, facilitated by open source products and people.  

The accessibility of patient records in both primary and secondary care sectors will play an important role which will see the enhancement of mobile applications linking to EPRs become the norm.

The marketplace will continue to become more open and transparent underlined by new methods for comparing software solutions leading to faster product development. This will see greater use of best-of-breed solutions, as they begin to hold a more strategic role for healthcare organisations.”

Shane Tickell, CEO of IMS MAXIMS   


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