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On May 22, 2018

By Shane Tickell

As part of the official opening of our new office in Suceava this week, our CEO, Shane Tickell discusses expansion plans for IMS MAXIMS in Romania.

Today we formally open our brand new spacious office in Suceava, ten years after we opened our first office here. This signifies a major step in our continued investment in IMS MAXIMS, our people and the environment in which we can work and collaborate together.

Not just the investment in the fabric of the building or our new, state of the art facility to accommodate growth in our team from 6 to 25 people, but also the infrastructure which has been key to allowing us to develop a modern distributed workforce, which has proved to be a wonderful part of our expansion.

Here in Suceava we continue to invest in development capabilities, business intelligence, tooling, and upgrading our testing capability to be more automated. We have fast created a centre of excellence here, which our customers have been curious about and benefited from immensely, in turn supporting millions of patients. We will shortly be expanding our Applied Research Centre in Dublin to have similar capabilities here, which has been a big ambition of mine and taken around six years to achieve.

Now IMS is 32 years old and this office has played a big part in the last third of our history and we hope it’s going to play a major part in the future, with this new office.

We are looking to expand our product set, our services and the geographies in which we sell and support our products, so our prediction is for further growth and the need to expand and employ further talented people from Suceava.

Our association with the University “Ştefan cel Mare” of Suceava – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has been fundamental to our progress and the continued expansion of our company, and we look to strengthen that further with the launch of our 2018 intern programme today.

Globally we have doubled our size in the last five years, we hope to double again in the near future.



We are known for our agility, leanness, quality of products and people, but also really importantly, our leadership in innovation and adopting new technologies. Together, it is used in health for the betterment of citizens safety and health outcomes for our patients by delivering world class systems for doctors and nurses. The MAXIMS product set also supports the administrators of our health services to manage cost, budgets, billing and finance.

The Suceava IMS team has been fundamental to delivering world class products to customers in the UK, and now some of those customers have become English NHS Global Digital Exemplars, who are setting the standards for other hospitals in the UK, and with the ambition to do so globally.

We thank all the members of Team IMS for their hard work, dedication, loyalty, ingenuity and energy. Making up 25% of our global team, we look forward to visioning the next 20 to 30 years of how we can grow to achieve our mission of Improving health outcomes for those delivering care to citizens worldwide.


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