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Patient correspondence

Patient correspondence is often a challenge for healthcare providers – labour intensive, dependant on secretarial availability, and prone to errors. Most IMS MAXIMS products come with a report builder as standard which tackles these problems by allowing letters to be generated on screen by any authorised member of staff at any time.

Templates can be set up that allow coded letters to be generated very quickly, as most of the information is pre-filled. Our systems can also be configured to provide prompts whenever a letter needs to be sent. All correspondence can then be stored as part of the patient record. This means that information cannot be lost and is instantly accessible.

IMS MAXIMS products also enable healthcare professionals to correspond with each other. When a patient is discharged a summary containing all the relevant information about a patient’s care, medication and future needs can be produced for their GP and either printed off or sent electronically.

We offer a range of ways to reduce the administrative effort devoted to correspondence and to maximise the speed of communication, allowing healthcare providers to focus their resources on other tasks. This brings significant improvements in the quality of services and levels of patient satisfaction.

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