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Patient administration and information

MAXIMS is powerful, proven, sophisticated and scalable. It allows healthcare providers to create a complete clinical patient administration system capable of much more than a conventional PAS.

Among its greatest advantages is that MAXIMS is modular, and where PAS functionality is integral to the application, there is no need to rip and replace incumbent systems. Where clients wish to keep their existing PAS they can do so. MAXIMS will wrap round it, providing all the extra functionality a client wants without the time and expense involved in a wholesale replacement of the legacy system.

MAXIMS allows healthcare providers to replace paper-based systems with an electronic one that is fast, efficient, accurate, improves patient safety, and allows for the capture of clinical codes throughout the patient record.

It is also intuitive for users, so requires little training and fits in with their workflows and practices. Our system reduces administration while making patient information available to authorised staff wherever they are, whatever the time, over a secure browser.

By using the full functionality MAXIMS clinical PAS, healthcare providers can create a single patient record that contains all the relevant information about every aspect of their care. It will code any diagnosis, procedures, allergies or co-morbidities using any external taxonomy adopted by the organisation. This includes historic notes, all correspondence, past and future appointments and care details. Each stage of a patient journey can be planned and updated in real time ensuring that KPIs are not breached and that they follow the quickest, most efficient pathway. This goes right the way through to discharge, at which point summary details can be sent electronically to GPs.

Our solution allows healthcare providers to monitor and improve the way they work by providing them with a full set of data on all their functions. This is vital to modernising their business to make the best use of financial and human resources in providing the highest standards of patient care.

Just as important is that MAXIMS is not a static product, we are developing and improving it all the time, which ensures that customers can stay at the forefront of IT innovation without having to go out and buy new software packages.

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