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Order communications and diagnostic reporting

The MAXIMS Order Communications System (OCS) allows diagnostic tests and treatment services to be ordered instantly. It eliminates the delays, bottlenecks and errors of paper-based systems and functions just as well across multiple sites as within a single hospital. OCS was first developed for pathology and radiology services but readily extends to other services such as audiology, cardiology and therapies.

MAXIMS OCS integrates with the existing PAS so patient information is only entered once. The system is highly flexible, so clients decide what range of services to include and how the information is presented. It improves safety and efficiency by helping ensure that all the necessary patient and clinical information is included. Clinicians can be confident that the order has gone to the right place and that no transcription errors have occurred. The order can be tracked and results are fed back immediately and accurately. OCS also brings business benefits by reducing the number of unnecessary or inappropriate tests and other services.

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