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Bed management (real-time ADT)

MAXIMS Bed Management simplifies and saves time on patient admission, discharge and transfer. It works in real time and caters for the needs of clinicians and bed managers. Information is easy to access and is provided on lists and graphical ward views that show where each patient is by ward, bay and bed.

Patient details are captured from the PAS and pre-filled on templates for emergency and elective admissions. Information can be accessed by a simple electronic search and is readily updated by authorised staff. Overall there is a substantial reduction in form-filling. Alerts can be shown beside each bed with data including infection control status, allergies, adverse drug reaction and child safety. Wall-mounted screens make it quicker for clinicians and visitors to find patients. Infection control teams are better placed to prevent problems occurring and respond more quickly and effectively when they do.

Managers can monitor bed status across the hospital by location, type and specialty – there’s little need for phoning round or head counts by ward staff. Colour coding highlights a bed’s availability and gives estimated time to discharge. This optimises the management of capacity, admissions and discharge. It also allows better planning of transfers and means beds can be reserved for elective and emergency admissions.

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