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Our solutions

We provide patient administration systems (PAS) and electronic patient record systems (EPRs) that offer deep and broad clinical functionality that enables healthcare organisations to deliver better, safer patient care and more efficient administration. Our tried-and-trusted solutions are used by more than 180 organisations and 30,000 healthcare professionals to manage records for 13 million patients.

Our customer Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, has been appointed by Government as a Global Digital Exemplar, recognised for its innovative digital offering.

Developed with input from clinicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, our solutions work out of the box, but can be quickly and easily tailored to meet the needs of individual clinicians, specialties and healthcare organisations. They are also designed to be modular, allowing you to integrate or wrap them around existing systems, letting you access all the extra features and benefits you are looking for without the need to “rip and replace” legacy systems. As well as building in features that healthcare professionals want to use, with intuitive interfaces that minimise the need for training and security that meets all NHS standards, we include flexibility and future-proofing in everything we do. That way, you can be sure our solutions can be easily adapted to changes in the wider healthcare and technological landscape, as well as responding to changes within your own organisation. Our solutions will also help you respond to efficiency and outcome targets set by those holding the purse strings, such as Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) targets in England. In addition, they will support you as you implement a wide range of quality initiatives such as Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP), National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’s (NICE) and Patient Safety Programmes.
Naturally, our solutions provide complete coverage of the Department of Health’s “clinical five”: a feature-rich PAS, order communications and diagnostics reporting, coded correspondence, scheduling and e-prescribing. We also offer a number of other elements, which can be used to create a complete end-to-end electronic record. These include: A&E, theatre and departmental systems; solutions to support integrated care pathways, real-time bed management and nursing documentation; and mobile apps. Working closely with customers for more than 30 years has given us a clear insight into the needs of healthcare organisations and their IT departments. That includes offering flexible financing and licensing options, including providing our products through Software as a Service (SaaS) arrangements, and a willingness to work in partnership with other organisations to develop solutions and effect change within our customers.

Find out more about our solutions by seeing the difference IMS MAXIMS makes to the patient’s journey through the hospital.