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On February 23, 2016

The King’s Fund today released its report on Improving quality in the English NHS: A strategy for action. The think tank’s strategy offers 10 design principles to guide its development.

Commenting on today’s report, Michael Thick, chief clinical information officer at IMS MAXIMS said:

“We welcome The King’s Funds efforts to drive quality improvements through the continued transformation of health services. Today’s report addresses some important challenges across the NHS, including managing resources efficiently to help provide better value for taxpayers, whilst ensuring patient safety remains an absolute priority. 

“A notable omission from the report is the crucial role of technology to enable positive change. It is imperative that NHS trusts are armed with the right digital tools to be able to capture and analyse performance metrics. This helps to define working practices and systemic activities that prevent or reduce the risk of harm to patients, and improve clinical outcomes.

“In practice, how do we integrate these metrics into continuous improvement at trust level? Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and satisfaction surveys are important reporting tools, and can draw maximum value when linked to the electronic patient record. This combined technology allows the recording, sharing and reporting of both clinical and performance data, so that NHS trusts can create and embrace their own eco-system of quality improvement. 

“Shared knowledge and learning is another key theme in today’s report. I would argue, in regards to technology, that the open source ethos compliments this approach. NHS trusts such as Taunton and Somerset are contributing to the development of patient record and clinical software and sharing it with the NHS community for free – it’s pioneering on several fronts and has the ability to support improvements across the country, and beyond.”


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