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On June 14, 2016

IMS MAXIMS is one of  twenty-nine industry leading organisations that have come together to create INTEROPen, a supplier action group aimed at accelerating the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector.

The group has been set-up to support the delivery of the Code4Health Interoperability Community that was launched by NHS England in November 2015, by providing a forum for suppliers to collaborate on the design and application of technical interoperability standards.

The group has identified four key areas that, if interoperability standards are effectively developed, will deliver demonstrable shared care across care settings.

The four areas the group will focus on are:
•    Data exchange – the development of data exchanges between different care settings
•    Data validation – the establishment and validation of FHIR based profiles for the exchange of data
•    Defining APIs – creating a definition for APIs that support automated notifications about patient care sent between service providers
•    Governance – the requirements for technical governance rules, security mechanisms for the handling of data and architectures that support locally developed shared care records

The standards will comply with techUK’s Interoperability Charter and therefore specifications will be open, freely available and based on existing international standards where possible.

Commenting on the news, Paul Cooper, Vice Chair, techUK Health and Social Care Council and industry representative for the Code4Health Interoperability Community, and Research Director, IMS MAXIMS, said: “There have been instances in the past where interoperability standards have been developed in isolation, without supplier involvement, and as a result have not considered the practical implementation. This has often resulted in poor take-up and ineffectual standards.

“The INTEROPen action group has been set up specifically to address the issue. We have created an environment where standards will be developed by those that know what the market really needs – the suppliers. Only this approach will ensure interoperability can support the delivery of the new models of care that are so necessary to achieve the transformation needed in the NHS.”

The group will work closely with the Code4Health Interoperability Community and will look to collaborate with the clinical community.
Dr Amir Mehrkar, sharing the industry representative role on the Code4Health Interoperability Community with Paul Cooper, as GP and CCIO for Orion Health said: “This is truly an open, inclusive, collaborative movement. Clinicians, such as our colleagues in the Professional Records Standards Body, as well as industry and public sector clinical informaticians, are key to ensuring the right information is primed to be shared when a patient is in need of care.”

The action group has the support of NHS England and HSCIC (to become NHS Digital in July 2016), will be actively demonstrating their outputs – the flow of data between domains and between different supplier IT systems – through activities and events such as connectathons and live demonstrations, planned for later in the year.

Indi Singh, Head of Enterprise Architecture, NHS England said: “This is great news. It sends out a really strong signal out to health and care organisations that suppliers are serious and committed to opening up their systems and are actively working in this space. It also reflects the move to active collaboration between localities, vendors and national organisations through the Interoperability Community and bringing together our collective influence in co-developing standards and approaches needed to meet priority needs”.

The group is open to all health and social care IT suppliers to join and contribute to its development. Companies interested in joining the group should register their interest by emailing Updates on the group’s activity will be shared on Twitter via @INTEROPenAPI.

Notes to editors

INTEROPen is an action group made up of twenty-nine technology organisations and continues to grow. The members are:

Answer Digital
Emis Health
Endeavour Health
Graphnet Health
Health Intelligence
Healthcare Gateway
Optum International
Orion Health
Patients Know Best
Red Embedded Systems
Solutions4Health LTD
Sunquest Information Systems (Europe) Ltd
Targett Business Technology

The group has been developed to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector. It will complement the work of the Code4Health Interoperability Community and has the support of NHS England and HSCIC (to become NHS Digital in July 2016),

The group is open to all health and care IT suppliers to join – companies interested in getting involved or looking for more information should contact the group by emailing

Updates on the group’s activity will be shared on Twitter via @INTEROPenAPI


IMS MAXIMS is an award winning clinical technology specialist committed to improving the coordination of patient care in healthcare environments. Its expert team works in partnership with healthcare organisations to identify and deliver tailored, sustainable information sharing technology solutions supporting the provision of safer and more efficient care for current and future generations.

The organisation’s 30-year history of collaborating with clinicians has resulted in the development of proven, flexible, user-friendly, safe and interoperable open source electronic patient record software. With an ambition to meet today’s healthcare challenges, IMS MAXIMS makes its software available without a licence fee and offers flexible options to support healthcare providers with implementation and maintenance.

Its open technology has increased collaboration in the development of the software which has resulted in better clinical engagement and empowerment across hospital wards and departments. Deployment times are fast, meaning clinicians and patients can benefit from efficiency and safety improvements in rapid time.

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