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On April 8, 2013

IMS MAXIMS’ head of R&D, Paul Cooper, has jointly led a team of industry experts to develop a new paper that looks at how the NHS might learn from hugely successful and innovative businesses that have grown over the past ten years.

The paper titled ‘The NHS Information Evolution’ looks to expand the thinking of the NHS to consider what we can learn from organisations such as and Amazon and how suppliers and the NHS might replicate their success.

Cooper said: “The document proposes an alternative thinking in the way that information is managed and used across the NHS. The majority of organisations referenced have been successful predominately because they have successful utilised the ubiquity and freedoms of the Internet.

“We propose that the NHS adopts some of the information models and openness, and creates an environment where innovation can flourish.  SMEs like IMS MAXIMS have many ideas for value-added services that we could deliver to the NHS if only creativity and innovation was better embraced.”

The key recommendations of the paper suggest:

  1. There should be an information architecture that will support the NHS and social care in achieving its efficiency improvement goals whilst improving the quality of care delivered to patients.
  2. Real and sustainable quantum improvements should be given to patients in terms of information sharing, information transparency, enhanced patient safety, patient choice and patient involvement.
  3. There should be a level playing field for start-ups, SMEs and larger companies to innovate in an open, trusted environment that has a low barrier to entry with light-touch governance and standards. This is critical for innovation to flourish and for costs to be reduced across the NHS technology landscape.

Paul Cooper will be participating in the Intellect stream at HC2013, where industry experts and healthcare professionals from the NHS will discuss and debate ‘Understanding Needs, delivering solutions.’ His session, at 1pm on Wednesday 16th April in Hall B, will specifically look at how internet-based businesses have succeeded in providing consumer focused and intuitive solutions, and how similar services can benefit clinicians and patients.

To read the full document click here.

IMS MAXIMS is an electronic patient record provider working towards better, safer patient care. Specialists in developing clinical and administrative software solutions, IMS MAXIMS currently supports more than 150 organisations, 1.9 million patient records in Ireland and 8 million patient records in the UK, as well as 10,000 users of IMS MAXIMS products.
MAXIMS is at the heart of the clinical and administrative life of everything from large UK and Irish hospitals, to small specialist independent clinics. It gives patient data to clinicians in exactly the format they need, and allows it to be shared with colleagues and updated in real-time.

MAXIMS suits any clinical specialism and is excellent for order communications and reporting. Medical and administrative records can be kept fully up to date, with the minimum of effort. MAXIMS is web-based so there is no need to install software on computers or invest in expensive extra hardware. For more information visit and for updates follow IMS MAXIMS on Twitter.

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