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On January 10, 2013

IMS MAXIMS, a supplier of end-to-end electronic patient record systems, has launched software designed specifically to support NHS trusts with early diagnosis and improved care of patients with dementia.

The MAXIMS Dementia System has been developed to meet the increasing demand from NHS organisations for a solution that not only prompts healthcare professionals to make relevant assessments for people with suspected dementia but one that also guides them to the correct care pathway to ensure that they receive the most appropriate referral and treatment.

Dementia affects an estimated 670,000 people in England alone, with this figure expected to double in the next 30 years. This is already resulting in more than 25% of general hospital beds at any one time being occupied by patients who have been diagnosed with dementia.

As part of the government’s drive to ensure patients are diagnosed as early as possible and treated in the correct care setting, the Department of Health has introduced a Commissioning for Quality Innovation (CQUIN) payment framework, which incentivises the identification of patients with dementia as well as prompting appropriate referral and follow up. In addition to this, as of April 2013, the framework will be extended further to show how quality dementia care is being delivered.

Shane Tickell, CEO of IMS MAXIMS, said: “The misdiagnosis and delayed or incorrect treatment of long term conditions such a dementia is placing a huge strain on our NHS, with dementia estimated to cost our society in excess of £19 billion per year.

“IMS MAXIMS recognises the increasing need for trusts to manage the identification and referral process of dementia patients. Our aim is to help trusts capture data as easily and effectively as possible to improve the identification, and quality of care of dementia patients and receive the correct payments for doing so.”

The IMS MAXIMS dementia software has been developed based on NICE guidelines and by working in partnership with NHS organisations aiming to improve their patient care pathways. The software, which integrates with virtually any system, takes users step-by-step through each of the CQUIN target’s three stages (Find, Assess & Investigate, Review (FAIR)) allowing trusts to easily collate data ready for extraction. It can also be tailored so that clinical users establish a simple workflow, identifying dementia symptoms and other cognitive impairments early, resulting in more accurate referrals to the appropriate diagnostic assessment, treatment and support.

A dementia record is created for each patient who meets criteria set within the CQUIN framework; clinical users then follow a simple work-list within the software to complete the FAIR process:

• Find – using the software’s Confusion Assessment Screening, users can identify whether patients have delirium or dementia within 72 hours of admittance;
• Assess & Investigate – conducting an Abbreviated Mental Test Score, investigate other potential diagnosis (clinical notes can be created and User Defined Assessments enabled to support FAIR process);
• Referral – specialist diagnostic advice and follow up means healthcare professionals can direct patients, their carers and families to the correct services and support they need.

Currently only around 42% of people with dementia in England have a formal diagnosis. IMS MAXIMS software not only automatically directs clinical users through the FAIR process helping to reduce this figure, but also assists in identifying other causes and diagnosis of cognitive impairment, leading to reduced lengths of stay, improved efficiency of discharges, fewer readmissions and inter-ward transfers.

Tickell added: “IMS MAXIMS is committed to developing systems that support the increasing and ever changing challenges that the NHS faces. Working within the CQUIN framework has allowed us to develop software, which helps trusts become more efficient in administrative terms whilst improving patient well-being and care. We look forward to continuing to work alongside healthcare organisations to provide the most advanced IT solutions possible to address the issues they face.”

Editors’ notes
All statistics used in this release can be referenced in the Department of Health’s ‘Using the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) framework’ document.

IMS MAXIMS is an electronic patient record provider working towards better, safer patient care. Specialists in developing clinical and administrative software solutions for healthcare providers, IMS MAXIMS currently supports more than 150 organisations, 11 million patient records in the UK, and 1.9 million patient records in Ireland, approx 50% of the population, as well as 20,000 users of IMS MAXIMS products.

MAXIMS is at the heart of the clinical and administrative life of everything from large UK and Irish hospitals, to small specialist independent clinics. It gives patient data to clinicians in exactly the format they need, and allows it to be shared with colleagues and updated in real-time. MAXIMS suits any clinical specialism and is excellent for order communications and reporting. Medical and administrative records can be kept fully up to date, with minimum  effort. MAXIMS is web-based so there is no need to install software on computers or invest in expensive extra hardware. For more information visit and for updates follow IMS MAXIMS on Twitter


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