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On November 1, 2012
IMS MAXIMS is calling for an Electronic Patient Information Centre to ensure that the pockets of innovation across the NHS and established initiatives that help support organisations to adopt healthcare technology, are brought together in one, all encompassing place and are available and accessible to all.
The NHS is under intense pressure to meet the QIPP agenda, improve productivity and patient care and redesign services while saving vast sums of money. With a stronger focus on greater choice, self-care, care closer to home and improved access to information, technology is recognised as a powerful enabler and one of the most commonly associated ways of supporting these challenges.
However, there exists no structure or framework for collaboration, integration and joined-up thinking between the many different NHS trusts, NHS agencies, academic health science networks and suppliers. This presents a barrier to progress which would allow IT to be fully exploited in helping deliver these challenges. We are also missing out on the opportunity to leverage technology to maximally benefit patients, staff and organisations.
IMS MAXIMS is calling on suppliers, NHS, government bodies to get behind the initiative. To do this please download E.P.I.Centre PDF and share with as many people as possible.



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