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On September 21, 2016

The Academy of Fabulous Stuff has partnered with pioneering technology provider IMS MAXIMS, to help deliver this year’s Change Day, which will be held on 19th October.

‘Fab Change Day’ is a frontline social movement that encourages collective change across health and social care; where staff come together and harness ideas and energy to make a difference to those who use health and care services.

The Academy of Fabulous Stuff has teamed up with IMS MAXIMS to facilitate Fab Change Day, including a day of collective activity on Wednesday 19th October. People working in health and social care can make a pledge, via the Fab Change Day app,  to improve something personally within their service or organisation.  There are also a number of formal campaigns which people can pledge to support and develop actions within their service.

These are:

  • #RandomisedCoffeeTrial – will involve pairing up people at random across an organisation, giving them the opportunity to meet, socialise and learn from each other
  • #Red2Green – encourages people working in the health and care service to assess whether it is a red or green day for their patient and what can be done to turn a red experience into a green one
  • #SpecialistNursesAddingValue – supports and promotes nurse specialists and giving them the resources to demonstrate their value and to help raise their profile
  • #GeneralPracticeandPrimaryCare – engages General Practice in Fab Change Day. The Campaign Hashtag will evolve and develop as GP’s and Primary Care pledge to change things that are important to them
  • #DementiaDo – involves the community – NHS staff, social care workers and members of the public – in making life better for people with dementia
  • #MyMeds – a simple action to remind all healthcare professionals who see patients in urgent or emergency care to check what regular medications the person has, to ensure they are appropriately delivered
  • #SepsisToolkit – uses Sepsis Toolkits to ensure all healthcare professionals are doing the basics in terms of diagnosing and treating the disease
  • #MatExp – supports the grassroots campaign based on the Whose Shoes approach to identify and share best practice for maternity care
  • #HelloOURaimis – encourages patients to identify the single most important aim they want to achieve in their care
  • #StudentLedChange – a campaign to unleash the power of student-led learning and research projects that often go unpublished or undocumented
  • #StopThePressure – national roll out of NHS Midland and East awareness raising campaign to prevent the development of leg ulcers in patients
  • #Timetochange – encourages people working in the NHS to engage more with those that have mental health conditions and to enable greater sharing of experiences between patient

Full details on the countrywide activity, which is growing daily, can be found on the Fab Change Day website.

Roy Lilley, Founder, The Academy of Fabulous Stuff, said,

“IMS MAXIMS is a change agent in the NHS – helping trusts transform their healthcare services through the use of innovative technology. They were a natural choice for us in making Fab Change Day as Fabulous as it can be.”

This year’s Fab Change Day follows three years of successful Change Day campaigns, driven by the passion and commitment of the ‘hubbies’ (grassroots change agents and young leaders).

Natalie Chishick, Policy and Communications Director, IMS MAXIMS said,

“Change Day is a standout grassroots campaign for health and care services to come together, work together and deliver inspirational change across the UK. We are therefore, absolutely delighted to partner with Roy Lilley and his team to make Fab Change Day bigger and better than previous years. The 19th October signifies a single point in the year when people can pledge to improve services in their organisation or area, but we want to be able to support people, through this campaign, to make change every day of the year. Be the change you want to see and start by making a pledge.”


IMS MAXIMS is an award winning clinical technology specialist committed to improving the coordination of patient care in healthcare environments. Its expert team works in partnership with healthcare organisations to identify and deliver tailored, sustainable information sharing technology solutions supporting the provision of safer and more efficient care for current and future generations.

The organisation’s 30-year history of collaborating with clinicians has resulted in the development of proven, flexible, user-friendly, safe and interoperable open source electronic patient record software. With an ambition to meet today’s healthcare challenges, IMS MAXIMS makes its software available without a licence fee and offers flexible options to support healthcare providers with implementation and maintenance.

Its open technology has increased collaboration in the development of the software which has resulted in better clinical engagement and empowerment across hospital wards and departments. Deployment times are fast, meaning clinicians and patients can benefit from efficiency and safety improvements in rapid time.

Media Contacts:

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  • By Natalie Chishick   
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