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For patients

patients01Our patient-centred clinical IT solutions help healthcare organisations deliver the best possible care to patients. Developed with input from doctors, nurses and the other healthcare professionals, they help smooth the patient journey, from referral to discharge. Information about patients and their care can be captured quickly and easily through our intuitive interfaces and immediately made available to other staff as part of an end-to-end electronic patient record. Staff can concentrate on delivering care while knowing they have access to comprehensive and accurate information about patients whenever and wherever they need it.

IMS MAXIMS solutions:

  • help healthcare providers improve the way they set appointments, admit and discharge patients and communicate with GPs, creating a faster and less stressful experience for patients
  • ensure doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have access to the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it, allowing them to deliver the best possible care in line with hospital protocols and best practice
  • minimise the risks associated with missing patient notes, mislaid orders and results and unreadable handwriting, allowing healthcare providers to deliver safer care
  • improve the way clinics are scheduled, resulting in less chance of unexpected cancellations, and make it easier for patients to make appointments
  • improve communication between healthcare professionals to allow care to be coordinated more effectively.


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