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For managers

managers01Our patient-focused solutions provide a solid foundation for effective management and good administration. Our clinically rich patient administration systems and electronic patient record systems ensure the right people have appropriate information when and where it is needed.

IMS MAXIMS solutions:

  • facilitate communication between departments, and with patients and other healthcare providers such as GPs, reducing bottlenecks while saving staff time
  • provide you with an organisation-wide, real-time view of what’s happening, so issues can be identified quickly and steps taken at an early stage to avoid them or respond to them
  • support key management tasks such as activity and patient scheduling, smoothing the patient journey and allowing resources to be optimised while helping meet service delivery targets
  • can be easily extended, letting you define new data sets and screens to allow you to track performance against goals set by local commissioning group – such as CQUIN targets – that will trigger additional payments
  • eliminate issues created by missing patient notes, mislaid orders and results, and unreadable handwriting
  • allow clinical codes for diagnosis, procedures, allergies or co-morbidities to be captured at any stage in the patient journey, using the taxonomy of your choice
  • speed up production of correspondence such as discharge summaries
  • make tasks such as bed management straightforward, even in times of high demand, by providing visibility of current bed status, reducing the need to phone around or get ward staff to count heads.


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