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For CIOs and IT directors

directorsWorking closely with customers for more than 25 years has given us a clear insight into what IM&T teams need from us. Our products – and the support and services surrounding them – have been designed to ensure you can deliver successful projects that create real value and benefits for patients, healthcare professionals and the organisation.

IMS MAXIMS offers you solutions and services that are:

  • comprehensive: we provide a complete solution that gives you all the functionality needed to create end-to-end electronic patient records and manage your organisation’s clinical activities – from the outset. Extending your system is quick and easy, because there’s no need to install additional modules. You just switch on the features you need. Our in-house creative environment means we can sit down with you and build the specific screens you want in a matter of minutes.
  • easily integrated: we provide solutions that can be easily integrated with other systems, so you don’t have to “rip and replace” to take advantage of the benefits of IMS MAXIMS products. For example, our clinical IT solutions can wrap around an existing patient administration system, while we can link to existing specialty systems that you want to continue using.
  • standards compliant: we provide solutions that are approved for connection to the NHS N3 broadband network and are Spine-compliant, allowing them to be connected to national services such as Choose and Book and the Patient Demographic Service. On top of that, we deliver interoperability with other systems within federated and multi-vendor healthcare provider settings by supporting a range of international standards, including HL7.
  • secure: we provide solutions that combine easy access to information with appropriate levels of security, to guard against data loss and theft. We use a secure, browser-based interface to enable authorised staff to access the information they need, wherever and whenever they need it. We also ensure our solutions comply with all NHS security standards.
  • easily enhanced: we give you the tools to enhance our core systems to meet particular needs. For example, our user-defined assessment toolkit allows you to create customised screens, define your own data sets and build your own assessments.
  • future-proofed: we design our solutions with an eye to the future, ensuring they will continue to meet customers’ needs in a rapidly changing technical and political landscape. We’re also nimble, responding quickly to new opportunities. For example, we made an app version of IMS MAXIMS available within a week of the iPad being launched.
  • fully supported: we ensure customers have access to full support and maintenance services for systems during and after implementation. This includes second and third line helpdesks, application support, infrastructure service management and remote monitoring and incident pre-emption. We are also able to support products at customer sites through the NHS N3 broadband network.
  • scalable and flexible: we provide a flexible approach to deployment, with scalable products that allow you to start small and grow at your own pace. We’re always willing to work with you to support changes and refinements to the project plan as it unfolds and as you understand more clearly what your organisation needs and the benefits our solutions can deliver.
  • fully managed: we can provide a fully managed service for our solutions, reducing the demands on your IM&T team.


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