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Why we do it

Our goal is to work with our customers to deliver solutions that help them to provide high quality care and efficient administration. That starts with the design and development of our products. We involve doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals at every stage of the development process, ensuring their needs and those of patients are given the highest priority.

This approach means we can offer you clinical IT systems and electronic patient record systems which are easy to use – making training simple – yet providing sophisticated support for clinical and administrative tasks, including support for end-to-end electronic patient records. Of course, we have designed our development process to ensure we create solutions that are also flexible, robust and secure, while our focus on research and development means we always have an eye on the future, allowing us to quickly incorporate new developments in technology and future-proof our solutions against technical change.

We also work closely with you — from the moment you approach us — to help you build a business case for your new solutions, identifying the benefits, costs, risks and timescales. We can also help you secure the necessary funding, with a range of options to help you afford systems that will be of real value

Our passion comes from a strong personal belief that care should be as efficient, effective and comfortable as possible for every single patient

– Shane Tickell, CEO IMS MAXIMS

During deployment, we will sit on your project board, contributing our expertise to help you maintain project scope and reach the key milestones within agreed timelines. We also get down in the trenches with you, working alongside your people to install, integrate and troubleshoot your new systems. Of course, we will then support you over the long term. We take pride in the fact that our customers say they like working with us — and we’re constantly striving to keep it that way.

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