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Our senior people

Thomas Anderson
Chief executive officer

Mr Anderson is best known for being the principal of the Empire Cinema Group. He also has a keen interest in both the IT and healthcare industries and this acquisition allows him to combine these.

Mr Anderson said: “IMS MAXIMS has proven software which enables clinicians in the UK and Ireland to deliver the best possible healthcare services to millions of patients.”

Jacinta Ni Suaird
Chief Product and Delivery Officer

Jacinta joined IMS MAXIMS in 1995 as an analyst with a background in developing systems for facilities management and toxicology. She has since risen to her current position heading the company’s highly talented development team.

Together with her team, Jacinta plays a central role in ensuring IMS MAXIMS products exactly fit the needs of each client. In her work, she draws on her many years of experience within the health sector, her detailed understanding of how IT can improve clinical processes, and her knowledge – gained from working closely with clinicians and healthcare organisations – of how solutions need to be designed to provide effective support for the tasks users face.

“What makes IMS MAXIMS stand out as a place to work and make a real difference in people’s lives is the excellent understanding here of the healthcare sector and what clinicians need. That helps me and my team deliver software that makes it easier for clinicians, nurses and other hospital staff to provide the best and safest care for patients in the most efficient way.”

Terry Fossey
Technical director

Terry was one of the original founders of IMS MAXIMS in 1986 and has remained a central figure in the company’s development ever since. His early career was in telecoms, but he moved into computer design in the 1970s after recognising that computerisation would revolutionise the world.

Terry is involved with many aspects of IMS MAXIMS operations, from pre-sales through to implementation, bringing expertise and years of experience to identifying the best way to meet customers’ needs or integrate IMS MAXIMS with their existing systems.

“IMS MAXIMS was founded on the basis that rapid access to accurate patient information is vital to providing good healthcare. In helping to start and grow the company, I have been able to pursue my goal of ensuring healthcare professionals are always provided with the information they require at the right time and in the right location, without needing to chase it up or worry it’s incomplete.”

Neill McAnaspie
Chief Innovation Director

Neill began his career with IMS MAXIMS in 1997 as a software engineer. His passion for developing healthcare technology along with thorough understanding of the eHealth industry enables him to lead our talented development team in driving continuous improvement in our MAXIMS product portfolio.

Across his 18 years at IMS MAXIMS Neill has gained valuable strategic and hands-on expertise in healthcare workflows, business analysis, product and domain design, user experience design, system architecture. Neill has overseen many successful informatics projects for IMS MAXIMS customers across the UK.

“We have a flexible and agile solutions set that has been built over many years with clinical input. This is a solid basis on which to formulate and deliver a high-quality product roadmap that can improve the quality of life for patients worldwide.”

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