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Our partners

IMS MAXIMS strongly believes in harnessing new, “best of breed” technologies and information management techniques to achieve higher quality care and improve outcomes for patients and service users. We work with a number of partners to deliver solutions that help our customers increase efficiency, save money and improve patient care.


INTEROPen is a collaborative forum of individuals, industry, standards organisations and health and care providers, who have agreed to work together to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector. Together, members of the group work on the design and application of technical interoperability standards based on HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). Focus areas include data exchange, data validation, defining APIs and governance.

As a founding member of INTEROPen, IMS MAXIMS helped create the group in 2016 and has a significant role in its work programme and on-going success in advancing the interoperability agenda in the UK. INTEROPen is currently developing a set of FHIR resource profiles that will be adopted and used for GP Connect, an initiative to support better clinical care by opening up information held within GP Practice systems for use across the wider health and social care setting. The Group’s roadmap – which IMS MAXIMS contributes to – includes further Care Connect profiles that will in turn support all care providers. IMS MAXIMS product development incorporates the outputs of INTEROPen to enable seamless integration with these profiles.


Representing over 900 companies, techUK is the collective voice for the technology industry that fosters an environment in which technology can flourish, ensuring its full potential is harnessed across the economy and can help improve the quality of life for all.

techUK’s Health and Social Care Programme champions industry positions directly to Government to break down barriers to market entry and facilitate greater understanding of the benefits of tech enabled care amongst policy makers and the NHS. IMS MAXIMS is an influential member of the Programme, having been involved for over 10 years and with senior representation on the executive board; the Health and Social Care Council. IMS MAXIMS has been a driving force behind a number of techUK’s most successful initiatives, including the Interoperability Charter; industry’s commitment to making IT systems more open and integrated. With over 100 company signatories, and endorsement from NHS England, NHS Digital and the CCIO/CIO Networks, it is widely recognised as a catalyst in advancing the interoperability agenda in the NHS.


IMS MAXIMS strongly believes that Dell provides excellent support in the deployment of PAS and EPR systems by providing a platform for ongoing performance improvement and competitive advantage, ensuring the attainment of future aspirations of the hospital, in terms of service development and their reach to the local population.

Dell brings expertise in:

  • project management;
  • transformation;
  • training;
  • data migration;
  • application configuration;
  • technology and infrastructure;
  • integration;
  • testing;
  • cutover; and
  • information management.


IBM recognises that the ever-changing environment of the NHS puts greater emphasis than ever before on the role of technology in providing higher standards of patient care. IMS MAXIMS believes that IBM is the right partner for us when it comes to helping healthcare organisations to shape a more patient-centred healthcare IT solution, by using advanced technology to generate and share accurate information in real-time.


Oracle’s expertise in providing secure data management, integrated healthcare business intelligence, health information exchange (HIE) and its capabilities for aggregating clinical data across systems, are just a few of the reason why IMS MAXIMS has forged this strategic alliance with one of the key players in the IT healthcare space.

Becoming an IMS MAXIMS partner

To find out more about becoming an IMS MAXIMS partner and how you can work with us to deliver solutions that help your customers increase efficiency, save money and improve patient care, please contact us.